Friday, March 09, 2007

SXSW Share

If your here in Austin for SXSW some things I'd like to pass on.

The Copa Bar & Grill is not a bad place for Mexican food. Also if you feel the need to Tango or Salsa dance you can do that there too. My husband likes the waitress's

If you have small kids with you try RadiJazz Playnasium. This place is a little kids dream. Trinity gives it the thumbs up.

If you wake up in the morning and feel the needed to climb something, jump in a car and head to Enchanted Rock. If your here and you have time it's worth checking out the big ball of Granite.

Check out the 6th street Artist Market.

The Power of Trinity blog is having a SXSW Party!
But it will be held in my back yard.
Sasha can't wait to sign autographs
Trinity will be speaking about how to throw sand out the sandbox properly
What will I be doing?
Drinking a beer, what else!

Be safe...


Vickie said...

While you enjoy your SXSW I will be enjoying my Peaches to Beaches here this weekend. Antique and yard sale vendors, businesses, churches, civic organizations/ clubs, school and local residents are encouraged to participate by having a yard or sidewalk sale or some other special promotion so that there is a continuous stretch of "trash and treasures" running from the "peaches to the beaches".It is the annual "trash to treasures" that stretches along Highway 341 through Georgia from the Peach area of Georgia to the Beach area over 175 miles. It is a unique shopping, antiquing and yard sale experience running nearly the entire length of the Golden Isles Parkway (Highway 341) from Interstate 75 at Perry to Interstate 95 at Brunswick. Each year it just gets bigger and better. We went out and traveled down it some this afternoon and will head out tomorrow and travel up it some. I am looking for some unique gifts----I never know just what I might find.

Lora_3 said...

Vickie that sounds like a blast. I could get into that. Have fun.

Be safe...