Monday, March 05, 2007


I wish I could say "Cheeky" like Eddie Izzard. He uses that word with precision.

I recently started reading two blogs and I think the word "Cheeky" fits the writers well. But different reasons for both.

First up John from Finding the Money. He's a stay at home Dad so I already love him and his advise about blogging is sound. His recent post "How to make readers void your blog like the plague" should give you some good insight. Let's just say it answered a few of my questions. If your going to do something it should be worth doing it well. Give John's blog a read and learn a few new tips to help you blog along.

Next up Beaman from Beaman's World. He's a cat person so I already love him. English boy can write and he has a wit that I like. His recent post "Sexual Desire" makes me want to give him a good smack on the ass. Bad Boy! Oh but in a nice way. If you have cats read his post "House Rules".

Well I just broke one of the rules by giving out links to other blogs instead of writing something Cheeky myself. I don't care. There was a blog I never shared with anyone because I sometimes stoled ideas from there. Ok to tell the truth I stole all the weed story from there. Dude stopped blogging a month ago. Now I feel bad. So my new rule is, if I like then I should share it. If I lose readers then I wasn't that damn good in the first place.

Hey Trinity is not feeling good so everyone
think Happy thought for her.


John said...

Hey Lora, thanks for the linkage and kind words. :) I always want to know what blogs interest the bloggers I read - as long as they actually explain why it's interesting. Which I think you did well. -j

Lora_3 said...

John, I'm shameless. I'll do anything to get cutes here. LOL

Be safe...

Walker said...

Aw I hope she feels better soon.
Is it a bug or candy :)

Lora_3 said...

Walker; Trinity has an allergy thing going on in her eyes. It's that time of year.

Be safe...