Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Health to Shine

How's your health? Mine isn't bad but at 42 I think about my health a lot more. The signs of getting older are showing on me more. I can stop myself from getting old of mind but what simple things can I do for my body? That answer is easy. Know what I'm eating and know what's eating me.

Salt, Caffeine and Stress are braking me down and killing me softly while I sit here typing. So how do I fix this? I don't believe you can fix getting older but you can stop yourself from helping it along. For me Stress is the easy one to fix. Have more sex, do more routine walking and a little yoga for balance. You can be strong as an Ox but without balance you'll fall over. The Caffeine I've given up before. Nothing like a week with a really bad headache. The plus side is I'll look younger in a month and I'll have less joint pain. Now to the bad one, Salt. I don't even want to think about it. My salt problem doesn't come from food but from Beer. (Buffy want Beer!) I refuse to think about this now for fear of deep depression. I could help myself by eating more oatmeal, blueberries and nuts. I only like oatmeal in cookies.

This is my rambling to many I'm sure. However as a people we spend tons of money to look better and feel better when the answer to the problem is very clear. We are what we eat.

Be safe...

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Anna said...

I feel your pain...age! I am less than a month younger and find I'm thinking about my health a lot more, too. And I sit here typing and drinking green tea!