Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blogging From Bed

Writing your post while nesting in the bed sounds like a good idea. Sounds warm and cozy. Well that's what I thought, now every bone in my back hurts.

The day after Valentines the Wire is running this story "Sex doesn't stop unless you let it." The story is about sex-ed for old folks. The smart-ass in me wants to sign my parents up for this class but then they'd tell me about it. That's one mental picture I don't need.

I must say I'm glad to be off the Love Train. However I noticed to many bloggers are doing nothing more then bitching today. Please keep that disease away from me. Give me the funny disease. It should work well with the crazy disease I already have.

Go now, eat Popsicles and shovel snow!
Pillows! I need more Pillows!

Be safe...

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Vickie said...

You mean you were tired of the love train----here I was just getting into it. :)

Take care.

Walker said...

Forget the Love Train I feel like i gpot hit by a train and love had nothing to do about it.

The day after VD is always a downer thats why every day should be VD and have a fight day once a year.

I'm not shoveling snow, I am waiting for spring top come and take it away LOL

Now to crawl back under my sheets and get cozy with the 8 pillows tucked all around me :)

Have a nice weekend

Lora_3 said...

Walker if I had VD it would be a downer.

And ago with fight day let's have naked day. Might as well get that out of the way too.

Be safe...