Monday, February 05, 2007

Art Gardens

Well the Indianapolis Colts are Super Bowl Champions. The first kick off gave me bad flash backs of the Chicago Bears of old. I'm glad it worked out for the Colts. I wonder how Grossman feels. The team he plays for lost but his home state team won. Grossman went to High School at Bloomington South. Yes, I remember Bloomington South making me earn my points from the free throw line one night but I put down 11. Sad thought I just had was that Indiana celebrates it basketball player more then it's football players or even baseball players. Example Damon Bailey. How many people in Indiana know who Scott Roland is and where he's from. How many people could point out Ken Dilger? You show Baileys picture and everybody knows him. I guess my point is that the Colts Won but Mr. Grossman is an Indiana boy that should be remembered.
My son Tory and I took notes on commercials last night. Tory's pick was the Snickers commercial where the guys pull hair off their chest. My Fav was Block Buster. I thin the Foo Log has that commercial on his blog today. We also liked E-Trade, Carrier Builder, and Taco Bell. Also Tory wants to see the movie Wild Hogs.

Dear Mr Prince, I think you did a hell of a job in the rain. Purple Rain in the rain was surreal.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I'm going back to hydrating my brain. LOL

Be safe...


A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Congrats to you and the rest of Indy. Hope your folks have a nice and safe trip. The good news is that, with the rain, they probably didn't get too sunburned! :)

Teresa said...

I do and I can. Rex is a Colts fan--that is why he helped us win. His parents had season tickets.