Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Everybody has been saying what with the weather. Today I want to know what's with the weather predictions? One news station says we'll be in the 30's this weekend while another news station and the weather channel say 50's-60's. Which is it? If I'm going to freeze my ass off I'd like a little warning. Now my friends in Canada just called me a big cry baby because they've had negative temperature for about a week now maybe more.

5 days till SuperBowl! I found this Colt Fans blog! Pretty good blog too.

Look at that silly cat of mine out on Trinity's boucey thing. Sasha is a unique cat. Trinity was screaming like a wild thing in her sand box the other day and Sasha took off running to her aide thinking something was wrong. When Trinity takes a bath Sasha has to be there to watch over her. Now as I'm writing this Sasha is driving me nuts because she wants me to play. My right hand looks like I'm one of those people who cuts themselves. In fact I was asked that once by someone that I worked with. Then I had to explain to them I was my cats favorite scratching post. They thought I was a nut job so I didn't dare tell them about the time I wouldn't get out of bed and she peed on me. Sasha knew that would get me out of bed.

I need to go before Sasha does something bad to me. Have a Great Day no matter what the weather is!

Be safe...

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Josh said...

Lora, like the humor of this shot. It makes me want to go out and play.