Thursday, January 04, 2007

Life and Children

How much of what goes on in the world do you share with your kids? A thought that goes through every parents head from time to time. Many bloggers write about what they won't let their kids do and why. In my neighborhood I'm the Mean Mom. Yes, my son has given me this title of honor. Sorry I don't pay out for bad behavior. Also I don't have long talks about world events. My son did ask me if we(meaning the US) killed Saddam and I told him "No!" He said "Thank God. they can't hate us for that." Profound words from a 14 year old whom normally only thinks about skateboarding and playing his guitar. Then to day I read that a 10 year old Houston boy mimicking Saddam's hanging truly did hang himself. That's sadness folks. My heart goes out to the parents. I'm sure they are feeling a level of blame. Just like the blame the parents feel for not having a gun lock on their gun. Yes a gun lock might have prevented yet another school shooting. I didn't tell my 14 year old about the school shooting. I figure he has enough to deal with just trying to get his Math and English grade up.

Be safe...

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Walker said...

Welcome to the 21st century where the media steals the innocence from the young.
With all the stuff thast gets put into the media its imposible to shield our kids from the horrors of life.
The question now is do we keep them in the dark or teach them what life is all about before the see or hear it from the wrong people.
Damned if you do damned if you don't.

Nairobi Paul said...

It's so good to be transparent with our kids - but hard sometimes.

Our 5-yr old is pretty aware of the facts of life, already. And it was born out of her own curiosity. (I am scared of the bad men out there that would love to take advantage of someone as sweet and innocent like her. But I don't even want to write about that; it's so depressing.)

Teresa said...

This is why Michael doesn't watch TV. I want to keep him ignorant as long as possible. But, at 14, you have to tell they some things because they hear it at school.