Monday, January 08, 2007

Creatures of the Night...

Yes I'm talking vampires. We've all been introduced to the world of the Nosferatu. These strange legends have survived the test of time. But why really?

Do we love them because we want to be:

* Forever young
* Beautiful
* Strong
* Evil

Who knows! I don’t see vampires as tragically romantic. Most of the time their writers dress them in sad ass clothes that makes me laugh. Ruffles and poet shirts are so unmanly. Spiked heeled boots are really hard to run in while you’re holding up your bustier.

I love the new version were they are the left over descendants from Atlantis. Then they end up in Greece and pissed off the Gods. As a rule never piss off the Gods. The Vampires have been known for having a taste for the Romans. But it was the Celts that truly confused them. The Vampires didn’t know weather to fight them or to become one of them. Then again how many dark blue eyed vampires have you seen that can throw a boulder?

Here I am running down my favorite stories. A good vampire story is like chocolate to me. Every now and then I just got to have some. So I read three in the last week but who’s counting.

Some Vampire writers that I like:

* Sherrilyn Kenyon
* Laurell Hamilton
* MaryJanice Davidson
* Heather Graham

There are more but their names escape me right now.

Writing this has given me a craving for garlic. Garlic shrimp maybe? I think yes! Well here’s to good eating! Cheers!

Be safe…


The Lone Beader said...

Hmmmm...somehow I see a resemblance to KISS.... LOL!

Walker said...

with garlic bread :)

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