Monday, October 16, 2006

No, this is My Space

Wired News ran the story today MYSpace Predator Caught By Code. Ok, so the title made me happy but then I read the story. I think the numbers make for a very scary story. The fact that these sex offenders get out of jail and are on the net making friends in less then two month makes me sick.

This is one of those subjects that pisses me off because I keep wanting to ask the question WHY!

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Be safe...


Walker said...

That is just sick.
The problem is niore the system than that piece of crap.
If the system would keep him in jail istead of letting him and all the others like him there would be less problems,
I bet if someone importants kid was assaulted it would be different.
The police are doing the work but the legal system is failing us.

Miachelle said...

There are a number of reasons to answer "why". We have a terrific justic system that is abused by lawyers and criminals to escape responsibility. We have a society that is full of bleeding hearts and wants to turn the other cheek, forgive the perpetrator.

The Internet unfortunately is not a tangible space. You cannot confine it, unless you live in a country like China or North Korea or Iran. It's one extreme or the other.

I think the only solution is one that reverts back to the ancient Chinese Confucian philosophy of social structure by shame. While I love my nation, it is apparent to me that shame is no longer a tool in our society. Perhaps if more people today stand up, with a voice, and speak out, shame will mean something again, and become a mechanism to drive out those who would harm our innocent.

I know it can't be much comfort, but that's about the only solution I see.

Lora_3 said...

You can’t shame people that don’t live in reality. There is no reform for these people either.

Be safe...

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