Thursday, October 05, 2006

Getting my Fall On!

Did someone say that the leaves are changing? Yes rub it in but it won't be me out there raking will it. My favorite place to be during fall is Brown County, Indiana. aka Little Nashville

Since I can't be where it is cold and windy, I decided to read a scary book "Kiss of Darkness" by Heather Graham. Nothing like a good Vampire story that starts in New Orleans. Nothing will top the time I was reading Salem's Lot and a tree branch scratched across the window behind me. I shot about ten feet off the bed and took off running.

Today we are watching Hocus Pocus! Kid friendly Halloween flick. Trinity doesn't know what to think. So what's your favorite scary movie or book?

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Be safe...

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Teresa said...

I will send you some wonderful vibes from Brown County. I promise.