Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ambrosia Medicine

Yesterday Wire News ran the story "Honey Remedy could save Limbs." Most people don't know that honey is a strong Natural Drug. The bees secrete an enzyme which breaks down to being almost identical to a mild antibiotic. It helps with fatigue, arthritis, and wrinkles! Just mix a little olive oil and honey together and you have a moisturizer. The Egyptians were Honey addicts. Out of 900 known formulas 500 are based on honey.

When buying Honey go for the cloudy stuff. It might not have that pretty clear golden color but it has more of the healing stuff in it.

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Be safe...


Cristine said...

That's interesting, thanks for the info!

Walker said...

Its always good to learn different things.
Now I have about 30 gallons of virgin olive oil and 2 gallons of blueberry honey, do you think if i mix and batch of it together and I bathed in it i could look 20 again.
Wait...I didn't like my twenties, Thirties.
Hmmmm they sucked to and forget the diaper years, even though not having to run to the bathroom after 3 beers is appealing.
Forget it I like my forties and will just eat the honey and oil.
Have a nice day

Lora_3 said...

I can so see that as a pick up line in a bar. "I've got a bath tub full of olive oil and honey, let go get younger" Shit that might even be fun if the bath tub was big enough. I have long legs.

I like being in my 40's too. I understand the phrase "don't sweat the small shit"

Please do eat the honey and the oil. The blueberry part is very good for you too.

And Mr.Darth Vader, Walker, Sir you have a nice day. Even if you made me cry with that post today. That's ok. Colts 5/0 LOL

Hugs to you :)

Be safe...

Walker said...

I'm sorry I made you cry.
I want you to know I think you are a brave woman and a great example to all women out there.

I have linked you if its ok

You a nice day

Hugs to you too :)