Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Yesterday on MSNBC the asked the question"Organic milk: Are the benefits worth the cost?" Hmm... First I didn't like MSNBC asking the question but I read the article anyway. I was right they gave the view they want you to hear. They question what "grazing time" means and throw in the word "assume" to make you question your choice. Did they bother to tell you about the lives of the cows that don't get "grazing time?" No! Wonder why not.

Be safe...

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meesh said...

What an infuriating article! I love how she uses words like "suggest" and "seems" when talking about the health benifits of organic milk, then uses quotes from scientists with lots of official sounding letters behind their names to debunk the "myth" that GBH filled milk unhealthy. If GBH is no big deal, why do other countries refuse to use it, I wonder? Hmmmm...what about puss levels in the milk from the cows getting mastisis? Not ot mention the horiible treatment of the cows and thier offspring. Where do folks think veal comes from anyway?

Ooops - I don't mean to rant on your blog! That sort of corporate bought journalism really makes me crazy. People don't always know enough to question this stuff. They see it on MNBC and think it's the gospel truth. (sigh) Thanks for sharing that link. Very interesting spin really. ;)

I'm going to go home and drink a soy smoothie! :)