Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What is Art?

My ideas about Art have changed over the last few weeks. I've seen some beaded art that makes a flat painting look boring. On my last post I gave you a link to Sherri Serafini beautiful work. Please take a look at Christi Friesen work.

Now my own jewelry is normal but nice stuff. I still need to do the pictures. I've been toying with the idea of having my own jewelry show on my front lawn. Now this idea came to me after reading a craigslist post that stated "come drink some wine and buy some of our stuff". They had pictures too. Mini flea market and you get to drink. Cool!

Talking jewelry, my husbands thinks I should design one necklace and make it 100 times. Like all women want 5 of the same necklace. I had to explain that some women have a hundred different pairs of shoes. He has 5 of the same KSwiss classic originals.

Since my husband and I have different taste I've decided to call our jewelry company "His & Hers Jewelry". "His" will be the manly-man jewelry and "Hers" will be hip-chic jewelry. Well I hope this is how it's going to work.

Well back to work!

Be safe... And stay cool!


The Lone Beader said...

oh, I really like Christi's work. Thanks for sharing:)

Also, please stop by my blog anytime.

The Jeweled Reporter said...

Sherri Serafini is terrific...I love it when she is featured in Bead & Button...

Whenever I start to feel guilty that I haven't become creative enough, I remember what my high school art teacher taught me over and over for several years: "Art is an aesthetic experience and different for each individual." It doesn't absolve me of the responsibility of continual self-development, but it does help me stay grounded, and remember that we all have our ways of expressing art, and there is always an audience for each way of expression.

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